Review: Seas of Crimson Silk (Burning Empire #1)

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

A dragon can be loyal forever, if you tame her first. But Sigrid would sooner be dead than tamed. Dragon shifter Sigrid of Wildewyn has spent her life in a cage, quite literally. Whether she's hidden from her own people, or masked so they cannot see her face, she's dedicated her life to her country and king. But, when her king promises her to a rival warlord and Sultan of a country she hates, her loyalty is tested. Nadir of Bymere was the boy king no one ever thought would sit on the throne. And though he knows his country is ruled by corrupt advisors, he's lost himself in the glory of being Sultan. When they force him to marry a masked woman from the country who murdered his brother, he's set to torture her for a lifetime. Both hiding their own secrets, the two slowly realize there is more to both their kingdoms than they originally thought. With many in the kingdom who need help, Sigrid and Nadir must choose who they truly ally with: each other…or their kingdoms. Their choice will put either their hearts or their lives at risk. Readers who devoured Game of Thrones, fell in love with The Chronicles of Narnia, and enjoy a little blood with their slow burn romance will find Seas of Crimson Silk thrilling!


My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I loved this book so much! I have not read one book by Emma Hamm that I did not enjoy. Her female characters are so strong and actually likable. They do not cause me to want to bang my head against a wall and throw my Kindle because they are making dumb decisions and act as if the world owes them and everything is a fight. I cannot stand those types of heroines who cannot seem to understand reason when it's explained so plainly. But I digress, this review is about Seas of Crimson Silk. Maybe I'll do a post about that later. This book was amazing and I really enjoyed.

Emma did a great job of delving into the complexities of prejudices and how fear and hate can drive people to do some awful things. She also showed that there are two sides to every story which change depending on who is telling it and you never know which story is right. In Seas of Crimson Silk, the Bymerian's claimed the Beastkin attacked them for no reason while the Beastkin claimed they were being hunting and persecuted just because they were different and viewed as monstors. Both sides showed a strong conviction for their points of views and it was hard for me to hate either side or fault them for their actions. She also showed what revenge and war can bring for kingdoms and how it will never end well. The two kinds really did need to sit down and just talk things out but that's not how things work and I'm excited to see what will happen next with the war between the Bymerian's and the Beastkin.

Sigrid has become one of my new favorite female characters. I loved her fierceness and the way she came off as a little emotionless and a lot bada**. When she was told she would have to marry the sultan of Bymere, she did what she thought was right for her people and made sure that she kept her eyes open and she tried to understand the people of Bymere. I loved the strength of her character and how she was not quick to hate. She tried to show the Bymerian's that she was just as human as they were even though she was a Beastkin dragon. She tried not to let their prejudices effect how she treated them. I loved her kindness and her willingness to do what was right and what was needed for her people. She was willing to sacrifice her happiness and love for it. I admire her and just connected with her. Nadir grew so much in this book. He went from being indifferent and a bit selfish and childish and letting his council call the shots to being willing to do whatever it took to protect his people. Even when it meant losing what he loved and turning his back on part of his own people. They both stood by their convictions despite how much they clearly cared for one another. He was a king and she was a queen; they both had responsibility that were bigger than their needs and wants.

I also enjoyed Raheem as well. He was a shining example that all humans were not hateful towards the Beastkin and maybe there is hope that the two could come together one day and live in harmony. I liked Camilla too. She was feisty little owl who was completely loyal to Sigrid and gave her companionship while she was in an unknown world after marrying the sultan. I adored A'dab even though we only got to meet her briefly. I hope she has a bigger role in the next book.

This book dealt with some hard topics and I think Emma dealt with them with grace and eloquence that got the point across and still told amazing story of love and sacrifice. It was extremely well written and very entertaining. I would have liked to have seen more romance between Sigrid and Nadir but hopefully that'll happen in the next book which I am so pumped for. Be sure to get your copy of Seas of Crimson Silk which releases on January 11, 2019 and is available for pre-order on Amazon now!

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