Dawn of Cobalt Shadows (Burning Empire #2)

Synopsis | Goodreads

A tamed dragon may be loyal, but it will forever be free. Loose from her cage, Sigrid of Wildewyn returns to her homeland with a heavy heart. An army of Beastkin await her orders in a new kingdom made out of animals and forgotten rules. When she begins to lose faith in herself, she embarks on a journey to find her history and that of all the Beastkin. Far in the desert, Nadir tightens his control over his kingdom. For a time, he’s the Sultan they’ve all waited for. Until an assassin arrives in his palace declaring a legendary warrior has summoned him. A warrior who claims to be his mother. Both struggle to discover their own history, while remaining tied to each other regardless of distance. But a war brews between the kingdoms. Sigrid and Nadir must once again choose between each other, or their people. Only this time, they aren’t certain what they’ll choose.

Review | Rating: 4 stars

It took me a long time to get through Dawn of Cobalt Shadows because the story did not grab me as Seas of Crimson Silk had. For one, the two main characters were apart and trying to deal with the aftermath of a war in their respective kingdoms with opposition from the inside. They had people questioning them and making it hard for the both of them to do what they thought was right. Because of this, they both ended up going on a journey of self-discovery. And I hate to admit that these journeys were boring and dragged on too long. Not a lot happened and more questions were brought up than answered. Everything was vague and elusive and what the people were telling Sigrid and Nadir did not sound like the solutions to their problems. Once Nadir went though a harrowing experience and reconnected with Sigrid, the story started moving faster and I really started to enjoy it. There was a lot of action and romance from this point and we learned some things about all the characters, more so than I had during these journeys into the mountains for Sigrid and into the desert for Nadir.

Throughout this novel, war was brewing like a pot of simmer stew over too hot fire. You knew it was only a matter of time before it boiled over and the damage would be huge. The Beastkin just could not see that they needed to work with humans. Their hatred and anger clouded their judgement that it was clear that they'd be on the side that killed humans no matter who they were. The Wilderyns and Bymerians were each just trying to protect their kingdoms based on what their rulers were telling them. I think that was a bit anti-climatic about the book since we didn't get to see the war as we had in the first book. Some of the revelations made in the book were nice to know.

We met a lot of new faces in Dawn of Cobalt Shadows that helped piece together the story behind Nadir and Sigrid and create more questions. The story started to move more quickly once Sigrid and Nadir reunited and tried to decide what to do next. I enjoyed seeing Camilla and Raheem's points of views. These two are some of my favorite characters along with Sigrid and Nadir. I also loved to see the growth and maturity of both Sigrid and Nadir. Sigrid realized that being a leader may not be the best thing for her especially if she didn't know herself and she wasn't wanted as such. She had to learn who she was before she could accept and embrace herself and her dragon. Nadir continued to grow from the boy king to something more in Dawn of Cobalt Shadows. He became more of a man and sultan than he'd ever been and tried to do the right thing. The advisers fought him at every turn and I was happy when he finally realized he really did not need them.

I cannot wait to see how this explosive and amazing series ends. I love a good dragon tale and Emma is giving us one with this series. Get your copy of Dawn of Cobalt Shadows on Amazon today!

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