Review: The Hookup Handbook

*I received an ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis | Goodreads

My love wand is on a strike. As bad as that blows, pun unintended, it’s ten times worse for me. I’m a male escort, but not just any escort, I’m the escort. The one with a mile-long waiting list and a pristine reputation that’s very well-deserved. Only now, I’m on hiatus. Because after years of pleasing women all over the city, my man missile decides to get finicky. And the only woman he wants? Someone I can never have—my best friend’s younger sister, the nerdy and awkwardly adorable Sienna. She’s working at the agency this summer, keeping me organized, handling paperwork, and most importantly, keeping me on track to finish writing my book about sex and intimacy, which is due to my publisher in thirty days. She thinks I hate her, that I don’t want her here. The truth is much more twisted. I get hard every time she walks into my office. Her wide blue eyes and pouty mouth drive me wild with desire, and if she stays, I’m not sure how much longer I can stay away from her. Little Miss Overachiever says she’s here to help? Fine. I’m going to put her nerdy, curvy tush to work.

Review | Rating: 4 stars

I really enjoyed The Hookup Handbook. I haven't read a best friend's little sister romance where the best friend didn't know the little sister prior to the start of the story. This was also my first male escort story and I loved how it played out. I also liked that I didn't have to see the main male character, Case, with other women prior to him being with Sienna. This story was funny, charming, sweet, and had plenty of steamy scenes. I thought the backstory gave the novel some depth as well as made it that much more relatable. The pacing was very good. Nothing happened too fast between the main characters and the build up made the anticipation that much sweeter and had me reading as fast as I could to see what happened next.

Sienna was such a sweetheart who had a mouth on her and did not take any crap from anyone even Case who was her boss. She gave him a tongue-lashing as on the first day of the job because he was being an ass! I loved how motivated, organized, and smart she was. She knew how to create a schedule and stick to it and that's so much like me that I could relate to her completely. Her struggle to decide just what she wanted to do when she graduated and not wanting to own up to her true dreams for fear that she wouldn't succeed was so much like me with writing, that it made me empathize with Sienna and see where she was coming from. Case wasn't nearly as much of a douchebag as I thought he would be with being good-looking, successful, rich, and with what his profession was. He had an amazing relationship with his mother that reminded me of my own relationship with my mom and it was so sweet to read about the bond between the two of them. I liked Ryder, Sienna's older brother, a lot and hope to see him get his own book in the future. I also liked Sienna's best friend, Allison.

After reading The Hookup Handbook, which was the 8th novel I've read by Kendall Ryan, I can say with conviction that she is now my favorite romance author and I need to catch up and read some of her other books that I've bought over the past few months. I cannot wait to read her next novel, Junk Mail which will be out on April 23rd and be sure to get your copy of The Hookup Handbook on Amazon when released on March 18th!

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