Just Neighbors (Blue Beech #4)

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Synopsis | Goodreads

Every day, my neighbor tells me to have a good morning. Every day, I tell him to f*ck off. Kyle Lane is the town’s hottest cop. He’s also the man I’ve despised since high school. Each morning, he stands on his porch with an annoying smirk on his perfect face. He’s made it his life’s mission to get under my skin. Until one day, he’s no longer on his porch but on mine. He claims he wants to redeem himself for ruining my reputation. My instincts tell me to stay away, but with each morning he shows up, it becomes harder and harder to resist his charm. I was never supposed to fall in love with my neighbor and once he finds out my secret, we’ll forever be enemies. (An enemies to lover romance.)

Review | Rating: 4 stars

I went into reading Just Neighbors thinking it was just a Rom Com, enemies to lovers romance but it was so much more. I have not cried that much will reading a book since I read Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. This book had me bawling like a baby and going through tissue. I didn't see any of that coming. This book had more heart than I was expecting. Chloe's upbringing was one that was awful and for her to pull herself out of that was amazing. She dealt with thing a no child should have to and did it as best as she could. This story dealt with issues that I was not expecting for a contemporary romance. It was a lot more angsty than the synopsis let on.

But this story had all the elements of a good Rom Com as well. It was funny how Kyle waited for Chloe every morning just because he knew it irritated her. The first exchange we see between them in this book is hilarious and the next one is just as funny and had me thinking I wouldn't like Kyle much until I got to his point of view. I loved the dynamic of the two of them and how even though there was hate between the two of them, there was was clear attraction. The author did not drag out that attraction and they ended up dating and being together pretty early on. And it was nice to finally find out what made Chloe hate Kyle so much and to find out the real story behind everything that happened between them in high school.

I loved Chloe! I admired how she did everything in her powers to help her niece and nephew once she was grown. She was such a strong character who did what was right and loved hard. She tried her hardest to get her niece and nephew out of unsavory part of her small town and make sure they grew up better than she did but there was only so much she could do. I loved that she did it. She didn't give up on the kids and dealt with her no-good sister for the sake of them. I loved Kyle too. He was funny, fun, and had a big heart just like Chloe. I enjoyed the two of them together and seeing their relationship grow.

I absloutly enjoyed this book and I know I'll be reading more by Charity Farrell! I also know Just Neighbors is going to be one of those books that stays with me for the rest of my life.

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