Review: P.S. Forgive My Adolescence

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Eighteen-year old Holden Allen is only committed to one thing, marijuana. Whether it's soothing his depression, suppressing his memories or granting him freedom from pressure--only pot delivers faithfully. Holden is certain his love affair with marijuana is the only commitment he'll ever make, until he spontaneously meets Joie Green, a witty, carefree girl who has issues of her own. With only 5 months left of High School, they decide to create a "FIX LIST" compiled of dares and challenges in hopes of healing their baggage and bruises before graduation. Their friendship flourishes but Holden soon discovers there's a bigger problem between them--one marijuana and a list of dares will not be able repair. On their quest for restoration, Holden and Joie learn how to heal, how to break and whether or not forgiveness can be granted to everyone or if some mistakes are left unforgiven.

Review | Rating: 4 stars

I was fortunate enough to work on this novel and fell in love with it. Holden and Joie both captured my heart and had me rooting for them from the start. Both of these teenagers went through a lot before they met each other that had them dealing with it in different ways. Holden was dependent on marijuana and Joie had closed herself off so that she won't get hurt again. When they meet, neither are looking for anything romantic or serious but you know how those things go. They slowly started falling for each other and started a relationship that was built on a secret that would threaten to tear them apart.

This book was so emotional and had me tearing up and holding my breath on multiple occasions. As more details started coming out about both Holden and Joie's past, it became clear that this big secret was really big and it would may not be something either of them could come back from. I wanted the two of them to work it out but I liked that this book didn't end the way we always expect them to end. I liked that Joie and Holden both needed to grow separately before they could really make anything work. They both needed to deal with their demons. The end had me crying and I felt so bad for Holden and just wanted to hold him and tell him life will get better. The author did an amazing job with pacing and giving just enough information throughout the novel to keep you wanting to read and figure out what is going on. She created likable characters who you just connected with on deeper level.

This was such a great debut novel from a new author. I can't wait to see what else she comes out with!

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