Review: Into the Hourglass

I received this ARC from the Netgalley and the publishers for an honest review.

Review | Rating: 5 stars

I enjoyed this book so much. The only thing I hate is the fact that I'll have to wait until December for the last book. Second books in a series always seem to fall flat for me and do not have as much adventure as the first book. Emily doesn't have this problem with her second books. Into the Hourglass had just as much if not more adventure, intrigue, and "oh, wow" moments as Before the Broken Star. I love Everley even more now that I've learned more about her and what drives her. She wants to do what's right and she wants to find love and live a long, happy life. She wants a life where she's not handicapped by a disability and I can understand that fully. There are things she just can't do but she is adept at doing what she can and finding ways around her handicap. I loved Jamison in this book. He still was Everley's conscious but he still let her make decisions and didn't try to stifle her in anyway. It was clear that their love and appreciation grew for each other despite how the first book ended. I came to like Laverick and Claret more in this book. I guess in the first one they were really minor characters who kind of faded to the background when they weren't mentioned but they became more prominent in Into the Hourglass and they became even better friends to Everley and Jamison in this one. I also loved Radella. She was one feisty pixie who had a way of making her feelings known even though they didn't understand her language. Osric was a new face that I ended up liking and trusting. He was a nice ally for Everley to make and he seemed genuine in helping her in her quest to get her sword back. Markham needs to be swallowed by a whale and actually digested. He is an awful being who you think can't get any worse, but always proves you wrong in the end. In addition to Markham there were some more bad guys that showed up, giants and sorcerers and even the queen turned out to be pretty horrible. I loved how well they were portrayed. Even though all of them were bad they had backstories and we're two dimensional. We get to go to a new world in Into the Hourglass and I'm always a sucker for water worlds so it was fun to see the merrows, selkies, and other new beings that Everley and her friends got to meet. This story was so fun and I enjoyed every moment of reading it. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book. The action was continuous. I was sad with how it ended but Everely has so many people that do care for her and that will risk everything to help her. I'm happy her circle of family and friends has grown and she's starting to trust more people. I liked that the most about this book. Everely opened up about what she was going through and more people found out about her clock heart and they didn't shun her. I cannot wait to read Everafter Song and see how it all plays out for Everely.

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