Review: Just Her Bodyguard (Blue Beech #1)

*I received a free review copy in exchange for an honest review*

Review | Rating: 4 stars

Just Her Bodyguard started a little slow for me and I found it hard to get into it. But once Stella and Hudson left to go to some premieres, I had a hard time putting the book down. I read the book in about three sittings and only stopped because of having to work. I thought the story was done and the slow pace was right for this book. Charity did a good job showing how life could be in Hollywood and the life of a movie star. It was detailed and believable. The romance was amazing between Hudson and Stella. They had chemistry from the moment they met and I loved how Hudson had already made up his mind about Stella based on what he'd read and based on the things his ex had told him. I think that's how a lot of us would be if we met a celebrity we've only heard about. The writing and storyline flowed nicely as well.

I liked Hudson so much. I could relate to him and the things he'd gone through with his fiancee who was just awful. He was a veteran who'd just come back from overseas when he started working for Stella so he was still dealing with the trip back and the things he dealt with over there. He was gruff and a bit opinionated but I still liked how he eventually opened up and gave into how he was feeling. I liked Stella but she was stubborn and persistent. She really believed she could do a sex-only relationship without actually thinking it through. And then when Hudson eluded to that she got upset. She wanted just a sex-only relationship but as soon as she got that, she developed feelings almost immediately. She just frustrated me a lot but in the end, I loved the decisions she made and enjoyed this story so much.

I loved Dallas and Lauren--Hudson's brother and sister--and his parents and niece. This book was full of feelings and was so easy to relate to. I also really liked Willow. She liked to tell Stella the way it was instead of saying what Stella just wanted to hear. She was the voice of reason for most of the book. I am super excited to read Just One Night!

Synopsis | Goodreads

She’s Hollywood’s princess. He’s her new bodyguard. He didn't plan for her to offer no-strings attached sex with his employment. Business has officially mixed with pleasure. Stella After going through a messy public breakup, I've sworn off dating. That pact changes when my new bodyguard walks through the front door. Hudson is nothing like the men in the industry. He's callous, cold, and doesn't want to spend a second longer with me than he has to. All that changes when I start to defrost his iciness and find the real man hidden inside. Hudson I want nothing to do with the Hollywood life. Having my face plastered on magazine covers does not sound like a good time. This job is temporary and was taken as a favor to my brother taking care of his sick wife. My problem? I get to know the real Stella, not the woman seen on TV. I try to fight my attraction and keep our relationship professional until she lays an offer on the table: sex while I'm here and then we go our separate ways. How can I say no to that?

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