Between Two Moons Deleted Scene


I groaned as I stumbled into the kitchen.

“Morning, sweetheart,” Zane said.

I glared at him. “Could you be any louder?”

“I’m sure I can since I wasn’t loud at all. Late night?”


And it hadn’t been actually. I’d gotten home around eleven. I’d just drank more than I normally did. Since I usually only drank a beer or two twice a week at the most, doing five shots had me feeling like shit this morning. I glanced at Zane and my head cleared a little as I realized he was only wearing a pair of sweatpants that hung low on his hips. He walked past me to the refrigerator, and I tried not to let him see the shiver that went through me at his proximity. I focused on making some coffee, putting a coffee cup into the Keurig.

In the month that I’d been here, he sometimes did not wear a shirt while walking around. I didn’t complain about it because I didn’t want him—or Jax, who also walked around shirtless—to feel uncomfortable in his own house. Plus, it was no hardship to see two good-looking, hard-bodied men walking around topless. I turned to lean against the counter, while I waited for my coffee to finish. My eyes were trained on Zane as he went about pulling out food from the refrigerator and pots and pans from the cabinets.

“Do you want some breakfast?” he asked not turning to look at me.

“What are you making? My stomach can’t handle anything heavy.”

He glanced back at me. “Toast, eggs, and bacon.”

“Okay, I’ll take some.”

The Keurig beeped and I picked up my mug. I added cream and sugar and carried the mug to the table. I took a big sip before putting my head in my cupped hands.

“What happened last night?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re not really a partier. Since you’ve been here, you haven’t been out once on a Friday night.”

“I was working on a big project and it ended, so we went out to celebrate. I had some things on my mind I was trying to forget about.”

“Like what?”

You, I thought but said, “I’m not going to say. Anyway, I just drank too much. I’ll be fine.”

I glanced at him and found his light eyes watching me. My stomach fluttered and I chided myself. Being attracted to my roommate wasn’t wise. But it did not seem like my body cared about that at all. I pulled my phone out of the pocket of my sweats and opened the camera. Zane was turned from me, flipping the bacon and then he started whipping the eggs. I snapped a picture, discreetly. When he looked at me with a smile, I took another. I locked my phone and placed it face down on the table. I’d already taken some of Jax and sent them to my sisters. Rae had informed them that Zane was just as good-looking, and they’d badgered me for pictures ever since.

“Where’s Jax?”

“Work,” Zane answered.

Jax was a graphic designer at a small company. Zane worked for a prestigious advertising company, and I was an architect at a high-profile, but also a small company. Not for the first time, I thought about how our skills matched nicely. and we could go into business together and probably do well. I liked that I was living with professionals. We were always busy and on the go for the most part and some weekends we all worked and some weeknights we worked late. It made it easier to live with them and was the reason I hadn’t wanted to live with a college student. I didn’t have to worry about Zane or Jax throwing an impromptu party or having guests over late into the night doing dumb shit.

Zane loaded two plates with food and brought them to the table, setting one in front of me and one at the end of the table that faced away from the kitchen. He went back to get us something to drink and make us both more coffee. Once we had drinks, jam, and utensils, we dug in. I usually would have helped but my head felt like it was made of lead, and I did not want to move too much.

“What are your plans for today?” I asked Zane.

“Why? Do you want me to stay here and nurse you back to health?”

“Why are you so fucking irritating?”

He grinned at me and winked. I sighed and took a big bite of my toast to keep from making another smart-ass remark. We ate in silence for a few beats before he answered me.

“I’m going to my parents to help my mom and Soph with something,” he finally told me.


“I wasn’t listening closely to what my mom was saying when she called so I don’t know what they need help with.”

I shook my head and we lapsed back into silence. It was comfortable. I didn’t feel the need to fill it and neither did Zane. I chewed on a piece of bacon as I picked up my phone, using my fingerprint to unlock it. I watched some Instagram stories as I ate my breakfast. I glanced up at Zane to see that he was on his phone too. I finished my bacon before eating the rest of my toast and eggs. Zane was done too so I stood to start clearing the table and Zane followed suit, picking up the condiments. I grabbed the plates and walked with them to the sink. I turned on the water to start rinsing the dishes off and put them in the dishwasher. Zane set our glasses on the counter beside me.

“Can you hand me a towel?” Zane asked.

I opened a drawer on the other side of the sink and pulled out a small dish towel. I ran it under the warm water, wrung out the excess water before handing it to Zane. I rinsed off the plates, placing them in the dishwasher. I glanced over at Zane who was wiping down the table. Sometimes—okay most of the time—it was hard to keep my eyes off him.

I was rinsing out a glass when I felt Zane behind me. He was so close that I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I looked down and saw just how tightly he was gripping the edge of the sink on either side of me.

“Zane,” I said softly and he groaned, pressing closer.

Shit. I could feel his arousal pressed against my ass and my own body flushed with heat and wetness pooled between my legs. But before I could decide what to do, he moved away from me. My breathing was heavier and my body was ready for so much more. I turned off the water and braced myself on the sink, needing to calm down, before I could face him again. Zane was back to sitting in one of the chairs, his eyes glued to his phone as if nothing had happened.

What the hell was that?

I shook my head and finished the dishes, closing the dishwasher, and wringing out the wet towel Zane had left on the counter. I wiped everything down before I was finally ready to escape back to my part of the house. Zane was still sitting at the table with his phone. I studied him for a moment.

“I’m going to lie back down,” I said, stopping beside him.

Zane looked up at me. His pretty golden eyes were darker than usual. Before I could react, Zane pulled me down into his lap. My stomach swooped dramatically and I let out an “oof.” His eyes held amusement and he even had a hint of a smile on his full lips.

“Sweetheart,” he said, his deep voice turned husky. “Fuck, you’re driving me crazy.”

I swore quietly. I maneuvered my body so that I was straddling his lap, his cock nestled between my legs. I rolled my hips and he closed his eyes, his breathing growing heavier.

“Baby,” Zane said. “Goddamn.”

“Zane.” I couldn’t get out anymore.

His hands gripped my waist tighter as I increased my rhythm, grinding harder into him. I let my head fall to his shoulder and pressed my lips against his neck. My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own when it darted out to taste him. He swore and lifted his hips, his fingers digging into my skin. I closed my mouth over his neck and he swore again, louder this time, as I continued to roll my hips and grind on his granite-hard cock.

He slipped his hand under my shirt and started rubbing his thumbs over my hard nipples. My world came undone and my body shook hard. My breathing ragged. Zane slid his hands around to my back and gently stroked it as I came down from that amazing orgasm.

I finally sat up and looked into his whiskey-colored eyes. He grinned at me.


“I know. I’m sorry.”

“No,” I said. “That’s not what I mean. Damn, that was amazing.”

His grin became wider. “That was amazing, Wren. I can’t wait until I can actually fuck you.”

My core clenched. “We can’t.”

He placed a sweet kiss on my neck. “I know we will. You should go lay back down.”

Zane was still rock hard beneath me, so I knew he was being a gentleman and holding back. Part of me wished we continued things, but we’d already crossed a line we shouldn’t have. The best thing was for me to do was go back to my room as I originally planned. He kissed my forehead before I stood on wobbly legs.

I hadn’t come from dry humping since I was a teenager. Even if I wouldn’t admit it to him, I wondered what it would be like to actually ride his thick cock. I shook my head as I walked to my room, dispelling those thoughts that were doing nothing but arousing me. I changed into some dry underwear and shorts before I climbed under the sheets. Zane came to my room with a bottle of water and some aspirin.

“Call me if you need anything, sweetheart,” he said, kissing me on my forehead again.

It was such a sweet move and made my heart melt a little.

“I will.”

I sent my sisters the pictures of Zane in a group text as soon as he was gone. I turned it over so that the light from it wouldn’t disturb me as I tried to go back to sleep. I’d see my sisters’ responses when I woke up. My dreams were plagued with Zane, Jax, and my sisters for some reason. Mostly Zane was the star of my dreams, and what we’d done. I woke up feeling flushed and aroused after the last dream. He hadn’t stopped after I’d come and had pushed deep into me. My core clenched as I remembered the dream and my nipples were hard. I needed to get a grip. I did not remember the last time I was this worked up. I climbed out of bed, deciding that a nice long, cold shower was what I needed to get my lady boner under control.

Copyright © 2021 by Teralyn Mitchell

If you want to know how things turn out for Wren, Zane, and Jax, then grab your copy of Between Two Moons today and it's available on all retailers! This scene won't be in the book but there are plenty of other steamy scenes that you'll enjoy ;-)


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