More than a Slave Review

Alexander Anderson has a reputation that would strike fear into the heart of the devil himself. And now, Aria Starbird is his property. Aria has spent only a few months as a lowly slave, but already her happy childhood memories were starting to fade under the weight of her brutal existence. When she is sold to Lord Anderson at an auction, she cannot help but be afraid. Lord Anderson is known for his cruelty. He is fiendish and handsome and as wicked as he is wealthy. However, as she gets to know her new master, she realizes there is more to him than meets the eye. Over time, she is able to penetrate his tough exterior, and begins to understand the struggle of a man who believes love is a weakness, but whose heart is now yearning for something unknown. As the two let down their walls and discover each other’s truths, will Aria be able to tame Alexander's inner-beast?


My Rating: 5 Stars

I really enjoyed reading More than a Slave. It’s not what I would normally read but for some reason I picked it up and when I did, I wasn’t able to stop reading until I was done. The only things that made me put it down where having to go to sleep and work. I was reading it between calls at one point because I wanted to know what would happen. I loved Aria and Alexander together. Aria is a strong character who went through a lot before meeting Alexander but is still whole and still fighting for what she believes in despite what she’s been through. Alexander is harder to like in the beginning because he’s so gruff and angry and mean but once you learn his story you understand why he is the way he is. Anaëlle did an excellent job showing how two people can go through similar situations and react to it differently.

I really liked most of the characters and found myself laughing at some of their behavior. The full cast of characters and their stories made this novel that much richer. Alexander and Aria’s relationship grows slowly and that’s what I liked the most about it. It wasn’t instant but they got to know each other before it got serious. I really loved this story, the characters, and the writing style. Great first novel for a first time writer. I hope she continues writing and I get to read more from her in the future.

Disclaimer: This book does have graphic sexual and violent scenes and deals with serious issues that may be hard for some people to read. I am only saying this so that people who decide to read will be warned and know.

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