Review: Bad Things Play Here

***I received this book in exchange for an honest review from author.***

You can’t escape destiny… Piper Anesidora hates her last name, and the Reaper and demon infested life that comes with it. For centuries, her family has been tasked with protecting Pandora’s Box, and ensuring it’s never reopened. That’s why five years ago she ran away, hoping to build a normal life, one of her own choosing. And it worked. For a little while. But now her brother has been taken by Orpheus, a malicious soul who’s escaped from the Underworld, and if that isn’t bad enough, he’s also stolen the box. The sooner she finds her brother and stops Orpheus from unleashing hell on earth, the better. Piper wants nothing more than to return to the mundane existence she’s created for herself. That is until she’s partnered with the one guy capable of making her crave more. She’s always been told giving into sin is wrong, but her ancestors clearly never met Lust. You can’t resist temptation… Reece Luben takes intimate knowledge to a whole new level. As the Greek god of lust, he has a long standing reputation to uphold as a playboy, despite the fact he’s grown bored with the game. It’s been centuries since he’s cared about someone other than his maenads, so he passes the time getting people to shed their inhibitions. As one of the few beings who can sense Pandora’s Box, Reece has no choice but to help Piper find and stop Orpheus, even though he’s avoided her family since the start of his second life. But the feisty Anesidora woman makes him feel things he’s long forgotten, and what starts out as one night giving into desire turns into another…and another. What happens when the god of lust decides he’s changing the game and playing for keeps? Please note: this is an Adult Paranormal Romance novel. It is meant for a more mature audience, and does contain strong language and sexual situations.


My rating: 4 stars

Bad Things Play Here started right in the action and drew me in almost immediately. I figured this would be a steamy romance with a lot of action. I was a bit disappointed because the action wasn't as big a part of the story as the sex. It may be weird to hear but this story had entirely too many graphic sex scenes. Some of them could have seriously been cut out. I would have loved to see more action scenes with Reece and Piper searching for Pandora's box and fighting against obstacles. Also things were not drawn out enough with their romance. It happened pretty early on and nothing really tore them a part which I am truly fine with. I just wish there was more of a balance in this book. I think the story had a lot of potential to be really good if it had found that balance between action and the steamy scenes.

With all of that said, I think the steamy, hot and heavy sex scenes were done very well and not rushed or cliche. I also liked Reece and Piper. Their immediate attraction to one another was nice and I thought they were great together. Reece was possessive from the start and treated Piper very well. He never judged her for her choices and she did not ever hold his past against him. I liked that a lot about their relationship. They seemed to accept the other for who they were and worked to make each other better together. I was happy with how the story ended and turned out. I needed Piper and Reece to make it work and stay together despite who she was and who he was. I think the story was an interesting one. It was a modern story that dealt with Greek mythology. The mythology was sprinkled in there well and did not overshadow the story. I liked the story of Pandora's Box and learning about sins. I also liked some of the supporting characters such as Hadrian and some of the maenads but not Rover because he was an idiot or Piper's parents.

I am glad I was asked to review this book and I will have to try something else by the author. Maybe her series about Hadrian ;)

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