Review: Bride of the Sea (The Otherworld #3)

I received this Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review from the author.

Once upon a time… Saoirse dreams of land. Her father has other plans, and intends to marry her off as soon as possible. When a ship sinks near her home, she carries the only surviving sailor to a faerie blessed isle and plans her escape. Who better to help her than a man with few scruples and little cares in the world? Manus dreams of the sea. He spent every coin in his pockets to get back on a ship but never expected the vessel to sink. When a merrow saves him, he realizes the chance meeting is an opportunity. She could make him rich and become his good luck charm, so the legends say. Now, he just needs to get off the isle she’s trapped him on. They intend to use each other, but find their souls drawn together bit by bit. Can either leave the isle and the sea without losing their hearts in the bargain?


My rating: 5 Stars

Bride of the Sea was the first book I've read by Emma Hamm. I received this arc from Book Ends Tours in exchange for an honest review. From the beginning, I was hooked and wanted to know what would happen. Saorise captured my heart immediately and I did not want her to have marry an ugly merrow man against her will. I wanted her to find her human and live happily ever after. I felt for Manus when I met him. You could tell he'd lived a hard life and was searching for something to call his own and help him in life even if he didn't know it. These two souls needed to find each other and I was holding my breath until that happened because come on it had to happen. There was no way these two main characters would not end up together or I would never read a book by Emma Hamm again. But seriously, I enjoyed this book more than I thought possible. I have not read very many mermaid books and did not know what to expect going into it. The cover and synopsis made me want to read it.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning wondering what would happen next. There were some dull moments in the middle when Manus and Saorise came into a large fortune and Manus insisted they live like the noble class and do things that were natural to either of their natures. I was very upset when Manus did what he did and did not know how it was going to end. Being so new to this author made me wonder how it would end and if she would do things unconventionally but she didn't and I am very happy about that. I needed Manus and Saorise together and am happy they found a way to make it work in the end. The both of them had this call for the sea that had to be sated but they also had this call towards each other. It worked out in the end and I loved this book. I cannot wait to read Heart of the Fae and Veins of Magic by this same author. I can tell she is going to become a quick favorite and I'll be on the look out for her new books. Check out this book when it releases on April 3rd. You will not be disappointed.

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