Review: I Dare You (The Hook Up #1)

Badass Athlete: I dare you to… Delaney Shaw: Who is this? The late night text is random, but "Badass Athlete" sure seems to know who she is… Delaney Shaw. Good girl. Lover of fluffy kitties and Star Wars. Curious. His dare? Spend one night in his bed—a night he promises will be unforgettable—and she can solve the mystery of who he is. She knows she shouldn't, but what else is she going to do with her boring Valentine's Day? One sexy hook-up later, her mind is blown and the secret's out. Maverick Monroe. Bad boy. The most talented football player in the country. Just ask him. Too bad for him Delaney's sworn off dating athletes forever after her last heartbreak. But Maverick wants more than one night and refuses to give up on winning Delaney’s heart. She isn’t one to be fazed by a set of broad shoulders. Will the bad boy land the nerd girl or will the secrets they keep from each other separate them forever?


My Rating: 5 Stars

This was such a sweet romance. The synopsis made me want to read it and that cover...whew *fanning myself* I am glad that I decided to buy this one and read it because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I liked Delaney and Maverick. Delaney was such a cute nerd and funny and true to herself. She was willing to do what it takes to protect herself. I was happy to see that she didn't let Maverick or her ex walk all over her and do things that she did not appreciate. She was willing to leave both when it seemed as if they were not willing to put her first. Maverick wasn't your typical football player. He was arrogant and confident but there was so much more to him. He cared about his little sister so much that he was willing to do whatever it took to make sure she had the best care. With him being a student-athlete his options were limited for funds so he had to turn to sketchy methods to get the money he needed to pay for a facility for his younger sister. Those chapters were hard to read and I was worried about what would happen to Maverick but I loved how the book ended and how he owned up to what he'd done. The two of them together was magic. Maverick and Delaney had an undeniable chemistry and attraction to one another and they were perfect together. I was rooting for them from the beginning and was so happy when they finally hooked up.

I also enjoyed the supporting characters. Ryker was my favorite. He was such a fierce and loyal friend. Even when he didn't agree with Maverick he was there to support him. He was so easy going and amazing. I also liked Skye and Raven as well. This book was so well written and I loved that it was a sports romance. It was such an easy read that had some drama to keep it intersting as well. I found this book to be amazing and I cannot wait to read the second book in this series that will tell Ryker's story! I will have to try something else by this author very soon.

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