Review: Pieces of Eight (Mad Love Duet #2)

Received an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review from the author.

Six was always there, even when I didn’t want him. But he couldn’t hold me together, and I couldn’t be his penance. Loss is a phantom limb. No one can see it, but the ache torments you in the night, distracts you during the day, and leaves you fragmented. I’m half a heart, half a soul, and nothing could cure the pieces he’d left behind. Losing him was safer than loving him. Because the love that kept us coming back again and again was nothing short of madness. But then, isn't mad love the most honest?


My Rating: 5 Stars

Pieces of Eight was... I fell in love with Mira in this book. I did not like her that much in Six Feet Under and how selfish and impulsive she could be. I hated how she decided that she could not be with Six and made a decision while she was grieving but I've forgiven her for it after reading Pieces of Eight. Something I did not like about Six and Mira's relationship is how her sobriety and well being was tied to Six. I felt like the way it was set up she would go back to the way things was if he ever left her. But I was so proud to see that she didn't. Six helped her get to the place she was with him but she did everything to maintain it: her sobriety, sanity, and everything else. Mira showed so much growth from the twenty-three-year-old who snorted bad cocaine in the bathroom of bar. She became a person who embraced her madness but did not let it consume her and because of that she is one of my favorite characters. She embodied what strong is and I loved that about her. I loved her honesty and being in her head could be exhausting but in this book, it was just what I needed to understand her and what she was feeling. Six was still a mystery for me. I know he loved Mira more than anything and needed her just as much as she needed him. He was a good man who loved the women in his life and did everything for them. I did like seeing him show more emotions towards Mira. And I liked seeing that Mira leaving him still effected him three years later. The two of them together in this book was interesting. In Six Feet Under, Six did not really fight with Mira. He was there to pick her up when she needed it and just loved her. But in this book, they fought a lot and he said things deliberately to hurt Mira that caused prickling in my eyes and a need to protect Mira but surprisingly did not make me hate him. I understood why he was doing it. It actually gave me hope. If he still was angry and hurt, then that meant something good. That meant that he still had feelings which meant there was still hope for Six and Mira. The ending...whew...was perfection. I did not need an epilogue. The way it ended was the way I needed it to be. We went through thirteen years of their relationship and did not need more or an epilogue to wrap it up neatly.

And the revelations that came to light... wow, I was not expecting those at all! Goodness this book was so complex and full of feels that I just could not put it down after I started it again this evening. I loved this duet and both are on my top reads for this year. Whitney is an amazing writer who created characters that I connected with and felt deep down in my soul. No books have taken me on such a whirlwind of emotions in quite some time but these two books did. The Mad Love Duet is an amazing love story that had me crying and smiling throughout and most definitely at the end. I am still raw with emotion and I highly recommend this duet.

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