Review: Resurfaced (Suppressed, #2)

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.

In an underwater empire ruled by a vengeful king and populated by a race filled with hatred for all things human, can Kailani survive long enough to rescue her parents and escape the city? With unlikely allies by her side, Kai fights to survive. To return to land with both her parents. To return to the loving arms of her soul mate. Resurfaced is the follow-up to Suppressed, and continues Kai and Bryce’s story. Filled with action, magic and romance, lovers of The Little Mermaid and Beautiful Creatures will enjoy this series.


My rating: 4 stars

Resurfaced started right where Suppressed left off where Kai is told by a merman that her parents will be killed if she doesn't sacrifice herself for them. This one starts with her trying to run off before Bryce and his parents can do the spell to turn her into a part time mermaid where she can live on land so she won't keep getting sick while on land. Bryce stops her and both of them are changed by the spell. Bryce and Kai are soul mates and he would do anything for her so he agrees to go to Delmare, the Mer's underwater kingdom, with her to help Kai free her parents. The first few chapters lead up to their departure. I thought it was interesting that now Kai and Bryce can communicate telepathically. That would make things easier and convenient when they turn themselves into merpeople. Eventually, Kai and Bryce are escorted to Delmare with Adrian, one of the king's guards and things get interesting from there. I do not want to give spoilers so I'm not going to say what happened but I will say that the author did a good job with this The Little Mermaid retelling. It was action packed and had just the right amount of romance.

I still enjoyed Bryce and Kai a lot. They were adorable together and their chemistry still sizzled off the pages. I liked the added characters of Adrian, the king, and some new villains. It was nice learning why the Mer hated humans so much. I loved Bryce's parents and finally getting to meet Kai's father, Dante and see her mother more in this novel. The family dynamics were amazing and they brought something more to the story. I loved how it ended and how everything worked out for Kai and Bryce and their family and friends. I really enjoyed this series and recommend giving it a try if you liked The Little Mermaid. Also be sure to check out Resurfaced on Amazon today!

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