Review: Two Princes of Summer (Whims of Fae Book 1)

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.

Two fae princes fighting for the Summer crown. A mortal lured into Faerie and caught in their web. The battle that changes everything. After her mother's suicide, Scarlett's grief consumes her. When a beautiful, otherworldly stranger offers her a release from her pain, it’s too tempting an opportunity to resist. She’s lured into Faerie and sucked into a royal battle as two fae brothers prepare for the Battle of Heirs where the winner earns the right to the throne. Human emotion fuels fae power and Scarlett’s is the most potent Cade has ever tasted. He’s certain she is the key to defeating his brother Raith. But Raith has surprises of his own, and Scarlett fits perfectly into his devious plan. Scarlett must decide how far she's willing to go to avoid her guilt and heartache. As she is pulled further into the realm of magic and power, she discovers a dangerous secret that could change her fate forever. Will Scarlett find a way to cope with her sorrow and untangle herself from the two princes? Or will they devour her completely?


My rating: 4 stars

Lately, I've been willing to read anything that deals with faeries especially since reading A Court of Thorns and Roses. I have not be disappointed since in anything I have decided to read with faeries. I was not disappointed with Two Princes of Summer either. I think what I like about books about the fae is that they are unapologetically brutal. It is already understood that the fae do not like humans and think they are above them most of the times so a book that involves the two of them will be good. This book was good from the start and seriously drew me in. I read it in a matter of hours. I loved that it alternated between Scarlett, Cade, and Raith's points of view. Each of them were dealing with something and I liked how it all seemed to be issues with their moms. The world Leder build was exquisite and I loved her writing style as well. I though the story was well written and had so much detail that it just drew you in.

I actually enjoyed the female lead character in this book. I could understand Scarlett's pain and struggles and because of that I could understand the choices that she made. It was completely understandable that Scarlett would be a mess after finding her mother dead in their kitchen having taken her own life six months prior to the start of this book. Scarlett was dealing with grief, guilt, and anger. In the beginning, she was a shell of herself and slowly after she ended up in Faerie she started becoming stronger and finding herself again. I did not like Cade from the beginning. I think it was because I could tell he was willing to do absolutely anything to be come king even if that meant using Scarlett and killing his own brother. He wasn't a likable character and it was clear that he was being controlled by his mother. I liked Raith from the beginning though. I do not know what drew me to him but I liked his character after just a glimpse. He was compassionate and it was clear that he was the opposite of his brother. He wasn't willing to do anything to win but he was willing to do whatever he needed to get under his brother's skin. I loved him and Scarlett together from the start. I never felt the chemistry between Cade and Scarlett but I did between Raith and Scarlett. There seemed to be a natural chemistry between the two of them. The secondary characters weren't as fleshed out as they could have been but I did think Cade's mother was positively annoying and awful and I liked Poppy and Jasar.

This book was very good and I cannot wait to read the sequel, Prisoner of Darkness to see what is next for Scarlett, Raith, and Cade! Be sure to check out Two Princes of Summer on Amazon!

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