The Cruel Prince

Jude Duarte and her two sisters, Vivienne and Taryn watched their parents be murdered in front of them and then were stolen away by the murderer, Madoc. The Cruel Prince starts ten years later when Jude is seventeen and has been living in the faerie lands for seven years being raised by Madoc and Oriana alongside other gentry children such as princes and princesses and other privileged fae. because of this she and her twin sister, Taryn are resented and treated badly. Jude just wants to belong. The faerie land is her only home and she loves (and hates) it and wants to make her mark in it. She wants power and acceptance and is willing to sacrifice everything for it. Jude is battling a lot of things including an arrogant prince, Cardan who is horrible to her along with his friends, Locke, Nicasia, and Valerian. They all treat her badly and she has now decided to fight back. The story is much more than that and things become much more complicated than even Jude could have predicted. This story is wroth with intrigue, betrayal, romance, and of course, faeries.

My Rating: 5 Stars

I enjoyed this book a lot. I loved the characters along with the world Holly Black created and the subtle romance in the story. Jude is now one of my favorite female characters because of her fierceness and her refusal to back down from anything. I love that she went for what she wanted. She did what was necessary, making the hard decisions. I admired that about her and how she put family over everything else. She did not take any sh*t from anyone and fought for everyone. She's not perfect by a long shot. She's too ambitious which can make her shortsighted and impulsive. She wants power too much and is willing to do anything to get it. I worry about that and how it's going to affect her going forward. Because she is not perfect that makes me like her even more. I cannot wait to see how she develops.

Even though we saw Cardan through Jude’s eyes, I liked him from the beginning. Jude only had negative things to say about Cardan and how badly he treated her and how much he hated her (the feeling was mutual). But I knew there had to be more to it (mainly because he was being highlighted, lol). I did like Cardan a lot and his character was more complex than it first appears. I cannot say much more than that without giving away too much. I can't wait to see how his character develops through the next two books and what more we can learn about him. I also liked Vivi and the faeries in the Court of Shadows. I did not like Taryn at all from basically the beginning of the book or Locke even as the romance was blooming between him and Jude. Overall, the world Holly Black created was magnificent and I loved being able to see more of the faerie lands that I only got a glimpse of in The Darkest Part of the Forest.

I actually did not predict the ending as I always do. I wasn't expecting that to happen. I did wonder what Jude had up her sleeve but in no way did I guess she was going to do that. That twist makes me like the book even more that I could not predict the ending for once. This is a book that will go on my "go to suggestion list." It has something for everyone. I will be over here counting down the days until book two.

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