To All the Boys I've Loved Before Series by Jenny Han

I absolutely adored this series. It was charming, laugh out loud funny, and very well-written. I loved Lara Jean. She cracked me up a lot and her character was a character I could completely relate to. Her insecurities were some I had like when she talked about driving and how she hated changing lanes and getting lost. Those were my main fears when I first started driving. I also loved Peter. I liked how loose and easy he was but what I liked the most was how he treated Lara Jean. He loved her wholeheartedly and is the kind of boyfriend every girl should have. My next favorite character was Kitty. She spoke her mind and had me laughing a lot. She could be rude in a very funny way. I enjoyed Margot, Chris, Lucas, her father, Trina, and Peter's friends. The Song Girls were how I would want my daughters to be if I ever had them.

This was a light and fluffy kind of book. I've been reading a lot of heavy books with a lot of violence and heavy subjects and we all know what's been going on in the country so to read these books let me take a mini vacation and let me go into a fake world with charming characters and their high school problems that were mine ten years ago. The fact that it was based in Charlottesville just seemed fitting. I recommend these books to anyone who loves a charming YA love story with great characters that are relatable. I love, love these books and I can already say that I will be reading them again over the years.

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