Jonah carried my bags up the stairs.
“I am glad to be home, brother,” Delilah said from behind me.
“Because you’ve missed your plaything?”
She slapped my arm and rolled her eyes. “You have your playthings as well. Do not tease me. And yes I did miss Aileana.”
“I wish she liked men. I do not mind sharing her with you, Dee. She’s very beautiful and sexy.”
“She’s not attracted to men as I’ve told you many times.”
I smiled at my baby sister as she went up the stairs. I followed after her. My sister and I have always been close since there were only three years between us and it only being the two of us. I’ve always known that she likes women. She came to talk to me about it when she was twelve and I just listened. I did not judge her and it did not change how I saw her or our relationship. We’ve shared women. They’ve warmed my bed and hers and it was just the way it was sometimes. Our parents could not understand why we would not settle down and they would not approve of either of our lifestyles but they also did not push us so that was a blessing.
I came out on the second-floor landing which was Delilah’s floor. I continued on up to my floor. It used to be my parents' floor when they lived here but when they gave me the house, I moved from my room on the second floor across from Delilah’s to their old room. I walked to my bedroom at the end of the hall on the left. My library was at the end of the hall and stairs were there that led up to the attic where the servants resided. My rooms spanned most of the left wall and then there was a parlor that I could access from my room. I could also access the library from my room. On the opposite wall, there were two bedrooms with a bathing room in between them.
I walked into my room to find the bed already turned down and my clothes put away. A fire was going in the fireplace even though the nights were starting to get warmer. I closed the door behind me and stripped down to nothing. I climbed into bed and pulled the cool sheets over my body.
Jonah came in and picked up my discarded clothing and put them in the laundry basket in the closet.
“Do you need anything else before I retire for the night, sir?”
“No, Jonah. I am fine. Go get some sleep.”
He bowed, turned off the lights, and left my room. I was going to need to go to the club tomorrow and see if I could get some companionship. The last two weeks have been frustrating. There was no one in Coveport that I was going to have sex with and I did not touch my parents’ servants. I barely touched my own. I turned over onto my side trying to ignore how hard my cock had seemed to have gotten. I was tired of masturbating. It took me a long time to fall asleep and I didn’t win in my battle to not pleasure myself. I fell into an exhausted sleep once I had my release and cleaned myself up.