Their happily ever after will depend on just how many tiny truths they’re willing to share…

Romance is not part of Rhiannon Saucer’s plan. Especially not when she’s up for a career-defining promotion. So, when her best friend told everyone they were dating, she almost set the record straight immediately. Until she realized going along with the fake girlfriend ruse meant he’d owe her one. Besides…what could possibly go wrong?

Zane Anthony has no interest in love, either. Getting unceremoniously dumped by his fiancée made sure of that. But his matchmaking family has made it their mission to see him paired off with someone—anyone—in their small town. So, he said he was with Rhiannon. After all, if you’re going to fake date someone, who better than your best friend?

The one and only rule when entering a fake relationship is that no one can ever let themselves develop any real feelings.

Too bad no one explained that to Rhiannon and Zane sooner…

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Rosa Oaks Series, Book Two